Peninsula Fire Prevention


Thank You for visiting our Fire Prevention Page.

We hope to have some useful links here for our homeowner and business community to help ensure we keep the fire beast at bay. Every little thing we do could save thousands of dollars in damage and potentially save lives. It can also help us improve our ISO (Insurance Service Organization) rating. This rating is used when your insurance provider calculates your homeowner or business premium. You can find out more about the ISO by following there link below.

Peninsula Fire has implemented a smoke detector program. People may request that we come and check / replace batteries and possibly replace two smoke detectors in your house. For more information please call 530-259-2306


Knox Box - Rapid Entry System

Insurance Service Organization

Smoke Detector Info

Fire Safety Tips

Fireplace safety

Resources for Parents, teachers and children from US Fire Administration

Sparky the Fire dog page for Kids from National Fire Protection Assoc.