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Peninsula Fire District FAQ

Please review this info as these are the most asked questions

We realize that some things we repost as information to the public may not be popular. Insert law changes and COVID info. We also hope you realize that it is not us and that some comments should be directed elsewhere.


Is it a burn day? 

During burning seasons, a permit may be required. You always have to check with air quality and they will advise if a permit is required and if it is a “Permissive burn day” you can call them at 530-258-2588 and select the correct option. Or visit their website at

The Lake Almanor Country Club has some additional rules as part of their CC&R’s. Please contact them with questions regarding those rules.


How do I get a burn permit?

Burn permits are available from local fire stations during regular business hours. Or you may receive one online at


Can I use a fire pit in my yard?

Generally, the answer is yes. However, at times we may suspend ALL burning due to fire conditions. Charcoal and propane fired items are usually not included in the ban of open fires, but this is based on conditions at the time of suspension.


I heard a siren, what should I do?

The Peninsula and Hamilton Branch Fire Districts have four Emergency Outdoor Warning Sirens. They are tested the first Tuesday of each month at 1PM. They will sound for ONE MINUTE ONLY.  For an actual event they will sound for THREE MINUTES. In the event of an emergency activation  you should implement your evacuation plan. Follow directions of Emergency responders or information from CODE RED / IPAWS Cellular Alert. We advise that in the event of an Evacuation Warning you treat it as a mandatory evacuation warning. Do not wait.


What is IPAWS and CODE RED?

IPAWS is a Federal Emergency alert system. Emergency Communications Centers have the ability to send a message regarding emergencies to all cell phones in the area.

Integrated Public Alert & Warning System |

CODE RED – Most have heard of reverse 911. Dispatch centers can call land line phones with an emergency message. With more and more people utilizing cell phones they also use CODE RED.   

CODE RED allows you to register your cell phone number and email to an address / area. This way you will also receive the emergent messages. Sign up for CODE RED at this link:


 What is the Department ISO (Insurance Service Organization) Rating?

Peninsula Fire District currently has an ISO Rating of 3. This is on a scale of 1 – 10 and is considered a very good score.


I am having trouble finding insurance, can you help?

Although we cannot help you in your search, we do have a letter. On your request we can do an “ISO Letter”. This letter states that we are an ISO 3 Fire District and will list the distance from your house to the nearest hydrant and Fire Station. This may assist an insurance company with providing insurance.


Where can I find Board Meeting Agendas?

These are located on the district website. On the maion age near the bottom.