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FireWise Groups in The Peninsula Fire District

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We are an Insurance Services Office - Public Protection Class 3 Fire District - you can request a letter from us stating this, as well as station and hydrant locations for your insurance company. 


Firewise Volunteer Hourly Worksheet 




Info Regarding Assembly Bill 38 - Signed by Governor Oct 2019

 Governor Newsom Signs Bills to Enhance Wildfire Mitigation, Preparedness and Response Efforts | California Governor

AB 38 Approved 2019.pdf


This Page outlines the Firewise groups within the District and will have contact info.

Lake Almanor Country Club Firewise - 2020 Certificate

Lake Almanor Peninsula 2021 Certificate.pdf



Congratulations to all  those who did the hard work to combine the Lake Almanor Pines Firewise with the Peninsula Drive area, Foxwood and Bailey Creek. With this move 100% of the Peninsula Fire District is now in Firewise communities. 

Lake Almanor Peninsula Firewise Certificate 2020

Lake Almanor Pines 2020 Certificate-2.pdf


Here is some info from the Lake Almanor Peninsula Firewise

Dear Firewise Neighbors,


Sending out a quick update as we approach spring. Thankfully the effort of only a handful of neighbors helped us tremendously in meeting one of the requirements for getting our Firewise recognition. Our goal is to expand our contacts in our Firewise community so please help spread the word to your friends and neighbors. 

This is a voluntary program. When you report hours worked torwards fire safety they are totalled into lump sum categories and submitted as totals for the community. Your names and specific hours are not submitted to Firewise. Our community consists of the entire Peninsula (Almanor Pines, Foxwood, Bailey Creek and Peninsula Drive neighborhoods), excluding LACC. Best to just submit your hours as you go. You can email forms back to me (cedardownhill at or drop off at 155 Peninsula Drive. We are working on having some other drop off locations in the future.

There will be more info coming as we approach spring.